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Mukundi Lambani
Learning African Languages

Mukundi Lambani voices her recipe on learning African languages.

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Mukundi is the founder of Ambani Africa, an Edtech company that makes early learning easier by offering technology-enabled Afrocentric content. Ambani reaches 1.2-million learners in South Africa and is one of six selected for the Injini Accelerator programme. Mukundi also works with the Goethe-Institut and heads up the Creative Economies in Townships project, which supports entrepreneurs in Diepsloot, Ga-Rankuwa and Eersterust.


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About This Recipe


Learning a new language not only allows you to communicate with more people but it enables to you empathise and connect with people of other cultures in ways that are virtually impossible when you can't speak the language. Mukundi Lambani, the founder of Ambani Africa, explains why learning languages is valuable for entrepreneurs and how her edtech company is teaching African languages to people through interactive experiences.

What You'll Learn


In this recipe, you will learn how Mukundi started as a student and how she mastered language, becoming the mentor. Mukundi explains some of her best techniques for learning a new language and how to immerse yourself in its culture. Language can be a challenge, but once you've learnt it, your eyes (and ears) are opened to a world of opportunity. This recipe is for entrepreneurs who want to speak their mind and send their message. No matter the circumstance. 


Learn from someone who speaks from a position of real authority, perspective and experience.


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