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Riyadh Roberts

Creativity And Purpose

Riyadh Roberts shares his recipe on how music has helped him fulfil his purpose to showcase his own diverse culture.

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Riyadh 'YoungstaCPT' Roberts is a South African rapper, songwriter and entrepreneur. Riyadh is known for incorporating details of his Cape Town roots in his music and is often cited as "one of the most outspoken South African emcees of this generation." Unafraid of controversial topics, YoungstaCPT speaks to Cape Town’s colonial past and its effects on the coloured people, rapping unapologetically in his accent on music videos that are shot in his hood. He's the founder of the Y-Gen clothing brand and movement, with which he showcases the culture and diversity of coloured people in Cape Town.


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About This Recipe


In most households, creativity as a life path is discouraged. Despite underlying pretty much everything that we do, it still gets a bad rap, particularly in communities that consider formal professions like medicine to be uplifting. Riyadh Roberts comes from such a community but disregarded the nay-sayers to become one of the biggest South African artists of his generation. In 10 enthralling bites, he shares his journey from an unassuming kid from Wittebome to a renowned business owner, hip hop artist and 'voice of the Cape'.

What You'll Learn


In this recipe, you will learn how Riyadh 'YoungstaCPT' Roberts used music to help him fulfil his purpose to showcase his own diverse culture. Riyadh Roberts is also the founder of the Y-Gen clothing brand and movement. He speaks more about the brand and its purpose.


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