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Heavy Chef Research Reports

The Heavy Chef Research Centre has conducted over 10,000 completed surveys of individual entrepreneurs in Africa. Together with Xero, xneelo and InOn Africa, Heavy Chef makes this research freely available to our members. 

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Entrepreneur Community Research

The Heavy Chef Entrepreneur Education Reports are the largest source of data on entrepreneur development in South Africa. Learning habits, barriers, attitudes, preferences - a nuanced picture of how entrepreneurs learn and share knowledge.

Entrepreneur Networks And Community  

Entrepreneur Development Research: The Heavy Chef Entrepreneur Research Centre is the largest source of data on entrepreneur development in South Africa. Learning habits, barriers, attitudes, preferences - a nuanced picture of how entrepreneurs learn and share knowledge.

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Entrepreneurs Of The Future

We noticed that entrepreneur habits are mapping onto long-expected shifts in technologies. The Heavy Chef Report aims to understand the actions we can take in the face of these shifts. By combining our deep dataset of statistics with an intelligent analysis of the "Chefs" we interview every week, this report takes a significant step forward to bring the future to the here-and-now.

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Entrepreneur Wellbeing  

With the help of sophisticated Al tools guided by qualitative researchers, we zeroed in on the topic of mental wellbeing, in particular the stresses that impact the mental wellbeing of local entrepreneurs. What are the major causes of stress for entrepreneurs (hint: it's not only money)? What unhealthy behaviours amplify stress? Which techniques do entrepreneurs say help them most to reduce stress? And much more.

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Entrepreneur Education (4th Edition)

Success on the outside starts with success on the inside. This includes how we see ourselves and who we draw inspiration from. These themes are explored in the 4th edition of The Heavy Chef Entrepreneur Education Report. We hope that entrepreneurs and educators alike will find value in the research findings, We believe this report holds important clues on how to proceed towards success.

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Entrepreneur Education (3rd Edition)  

Heavy Chef aims to develop South Africa's most in-depth data hub on entrepreneur education. The data we have on hand - statistical and qualitative - is unmatched and has been analysed, shared, and used to guide implementation far and wide. It places a responsibility on all of our shoulders to understand and then apply how we as a community can serve entrepreneurs.

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The COVID Report

In 2020, Heavy Chef conducted a survey of over 3000 entrepreneurs. This report contained many surprises, underpinning the resilience of South Africa's small business community. 

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The Heavy Chef Entrepreneur Survey  

The largest survey of entrepreneurs ever conducted in South Africa. Over 9,000 entrepreneurs completed the Heavy Chef survey enquiring about their learning habits. 

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Our History 

Heavy Chef began in 2017. The learning platform was launched to the public in 2021. However, the idea was born out of a digital marketing agency much earlier that that. In a chance meeting in 2005 the saying 'never trust a skinny chef' influenced a team of digital creatives to be more entrepreneurial. The Heavy Chef learning platform was finally launched in February 2021, with just 8 recipes. Heavy Chef has subsequently created 1000s of learning videos for an ever-growing community of passionate entrepreneurs. 

Our Foundation 

Heavy Chef aims to create the largest entrepreneur learning repository, providing a high quality of education to a diverse range of community members. The Heavy Chef Foundation NPO was launched in 2019 to support this mission. Heavy Chef Foundation conducts some of the most authoritative research surveys on the African continent, with the aim of providing entrepreneurs in disconnected regions with high-quality learning resources.   

Heavy Chef Foundation

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