Heavy Chef has nothing to do with cooking.

Yup. Believe it. We made it hard for ourselves by picking a name that brings to mind a sweaty bearded fella slaving away in the kitchen. That said, we reckon Heavy Chef is actually an inspiring name, with an inspiring origin story. You can read more about that by clicking here

'never trust a skinny chef'

It comes from the term 'never trust a skinny chef'. We learned some valuable lessons from this simple phrase and so we decided to register it as a company. The name stands for integrity, honesty, grit, sticktoitness and roll-up-your-sleeve-ity. It stands for action, for doing

The world is an exciting and scary place right now

So why is action so important? The internet has brought about incredible advances in information access and innovation. Despite this exciting fact, we're also living in a world of anxiety, conflict and fear.

In all of human history, now is the most exciting time to be alive. However, many of us are stuck behind screens, passively downloading information - too scared to act upon our ideas, too apathetic to take action. Each month there are trillions of signals being transmitted across billions of devices. It has become easier to get lost in all this information than to stand up and be counted in amongst all this noise.

Heavy Chef was born in Africa

In Africa, where Heavy Chef comes from is both an inspiring and scary place. We have goosebump-raising and memorable stories of success. We also have heart-breaking stories of corruption, greed, poverty, violence and inequality. 

So, what are you going to do about it?

Let's be honest here. The chances of you becoming your country's president, or prime minister, or grand-dictator-of-Zimbabwe-for-life, are pretty slim. 

But, Heavy Chef is all about doing. We reckon that's better than talking. It's certainly better than moaning about the 'state of things' on social media. 

Why does Heavy Chef exist? 

We know that it's impossible for us to influence the major environmental factors that influence our lives. It can be frustrating to watch as our leaders reshuffle cabinets, fire ministers, devalue currencies, threaten to build walls and marginalise minorities. However, we also know that we can influence the sphere around us. We can make a difference to the lives that we touch directly, whether inside a business or via an entirely new initiative. 

What does Heavy Chef do? 

We inspire our community members to break through their fears. To get off their couches. To turn off their screens. To connect with others. To become intrepreneurs or entrepreneurs. To start something. Our aim is to empower you to become president of your own little space on the planet. Whether that's a start-up, a company, a department in a big corporate, a team or a charity organization. You probably won't ever be able to sway a country by reshuffling cabinet members, but you can make a dent in your neighborhood by employing, teaching or influencing a handful of good people. If we all do this, we will have a better continent, a better country, a better city and a better neighborhood. (Okay, maybe not Saxonwold, but all the others, definitely.)

How do we do it?

We aim to host the world's most inspiring experiences, and tell the world's most empowering stories. We want you to walk away from one of our sessions with that 'Staying Alive' cocky-mofo walk - like you got sugar in your step and steam in your strides.

Our Philosophy: LEARN. DO. SHARE. 

At Heavy Chef we believe you truly can be the change you wish to see in the world. You just need to take the first step. We create learning experiences. We challenge you to do. Then, we ask you to share your learnings with us - and others.