Heavy Chef Guide Book Series

Brought to you by Heavy Chef and Xero, the Heavy Chef Guide is a recipe book outlining all the ingredients you need to get cracking with your world-changing idea. Author Fred Roed is CEO of Heavy Chef (Pty) Ltd. He has started several businesses, as well as mentored dozens of successful startup entrepreneurs. Packed with loads of insights from other Heavy Chefs, this is a funny, accessible and brutally authentic guide. Click here to find out more about The Heavy Chef Guide To Starting A Business In South Africa.


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The Heavy Chef Guide To Financial Management For Startups

Phil van Zyl

Starting a business is hard. Managing your finances is even harder. This guide will demystify the big terms, and help you understand the little terms. You'll never forget the difference between debtor and creditor again, and you'll be saying things like "Series A funding" and "20-2 splits" with confidence. 

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The Heavy Chef Guide To Creating Killer Newsletters

Jason Bagley

The ole newsletter: the digital version of sending carrier pigeons. However, this little sucker is your community-building secret sauce. Building a community and keeping them engaged is what newsletters are for. This book, written by one of Africa's leading newsletter specialists, provides all the killer ingredients to kickstarting your community strategy, what tools to use and how to go about automating most of the work. 

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Digital versions of The Heavy Chef Guide To Starting A Business In South Africa will be available soon, via our partner MYeBook.co.za.

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