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At Heavy Chef, we exist to connect entrepreneurs with entrepreneurs in a meaningful way. We envisage a community where local entrepreneurs can interact and engage with global entrepreneurs. 


We believe that entrepreneurs change our world for the better. Heavy Chef was founded to serve entrepreneurs. We aim to uplift this very special sector of society. It is with positive transformation in mind that Heavy Chef supports entrepreneurs along their journey. We inspire. 


We serve entrepreneurs by offering personalised, authoritative and relevant learning bites. Heavy Chef is creating the largest repository of peer-to-peer entrepreneur knowledge in the world. We empower


Entrepreneurs are universally engrained with a deep curiousity for knowledge. Heavy Chef aims to contribute by engineering a personalized and authoritative educational experience for our community. We learn


Heavy Chef embodies the same spirit of action as our members. It is through action that ideas are proven or disproved. Action is the validation of the entrepreneur. We do


We believe in the spirit of community. Sharing of experience, ideas and knowledge provides fuel for progress. It is only through the act of sharing that knowledge is truly internalized and preserved. We share


Humility is the essence of innovation. When one is humble, one is open to positive transformation. Holding on to legacy ideas is the enemy of progress. We're not huge fans of pride around here. In order to change the world, we must first be humble.


Good enough is not good enough. Not content with the status quo, entrepreneurs are always innovating, improving, serving. Our aim is turn the dial from good to great. We are ambitious.


Heavy Chef is allergic to complexity. In a world that transmits trillions of signals every month, we must design a place of beauty. We must zoom out and craft a place of rhythmic consistency. We avoid the trap of ‘adding’. Our aim is to design beautiful bite-size learning through crisp communication, clear learning and focused aesthetics. We design.


Our emotions are seated in our guts. Millions of years of evolution have provided humans with important instincts and emotional intelligence. We do not ignore these feelings. Many of the most crucial insights have stemmed from this fountain of wisdom. We must zoom in and remain present in the moment. We start with feelings. 


We balance our emotional wisdom with a rational approach. Heavy Chef aims to provide objectivity in our learning, our interactions and our team. We zoom out to take perspective. We finish with facts.  

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