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Lean Business.
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Learn the basics of optimising and growing a business in South Africa.









Programme Overview 

  • The Lean Business¬†programme is designed for entrepreneurs from the services and liquor industries to learn the knowledge and skills to optimise and grow their businesses.

Who Is This Programme For? 

  • The Lean Business¬†programme is¬†for anyone who is currently selling services or products.¬†
  • This programme is for anyone who wants to grow their revenue, strengthen their offering and possibly even attract investment.¬†


  • 10 weeks.¬†¬†
  • 2-hour in-person workshops with world-class facilitators.¬†¬†
  • 3-4 hours of self-directed learning time per week.¬†


  • The entire programme and materials are 100% free for successful applicants.¬†
  • You will¬†become part of an ongoing supportive and educative community of entrepreneurs like you.
  • You get a one-year free Heavy Chef membership.
  • You will receive VIP invites to Heavy Chef events.
  • You will get Heavy Chef recipe books and guides.
  • You can expect¬†surprise giveaways and more.
  • You will be awarded a Certificate of Completion upon successfully completing the programme.¬†

What You'll Learn

  • How¬†to streamline¬†your business operations, finances, and your team.‚Ä®
  • How to secure funding and form valuable partnerships to help scale your business.‚Ä®
  • Connect with other entrepreneurs in your industry to learn and support one another.‚Ä®


  • Starts the week of 12 February 2024.
  • Ends¬†the week of 22 April 2024.


  • Only 40¬†entrepreneurs will be selected to participate in this programme.
  • Applicants who are not selected will be considered for¬†subsequent programmes.¬†


  • 100% free for successful applicants.¬†
  • The course is paid for in full by Heavy Chef, Heavy Chef's partners and the Heavy Chef Foundation.¬†
  • Some costs may be incurred by you (e.g. data, equipment, materials).¬†Please¬†contact us¬†if you require assistance with these material costs.¬†

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Programme Content

At Heavy Chef, we call our short courses 'recipes'. Each recipe contains real, practical advice from some of South Africa's leading entrepreneurs. Take a look at the recipes you will learn about in the Lean Business programme.

Become Financially Fit

Lelemba Phiri is the principal and founder of Africa Trust Group, and a woman well versed in what it takes for entrepreneurs to become financially fit.

Small Business Scaling

Ncumisa Mkabile unpacks her remarkable pivot from selling chicken to becoming one of the fastest-growing suppliers of spinach in the Western Cape.

Small Business Leadership

The CEO of Business Leadership South Africa reveals how you too can lead your business to greater heights.

The Art Of Hustling

DJ Sbu is a serial entrepreneur with millions of people following him on his various social channels, Sbusiso 'DJ Sbu' Leope's superpower is hustling.

Finding Capital

Renowned entrepreneur and private equity investor Polo Leteka outlines what investors are looking for and how to optimise your business for funding.

Business Partnerships

Drawing on his experience as the former CEO of Nestlé ESAR (East and Southern Africa Region), Bruno Olierhoek discusses supply-chain partnerships. 

How To Create Lean Operational Systems

José Gomes, Business Development Head at FNB, shares his insights of how to nurture and sustain a lean business model, priming entrepreneurs for enduring success.


How To Do Business Ethically

Natasha Lorde, MD and owner of Lorde Business Solutions, shares her thoughts on how to do business ethically.


Leading With Confidence

John Sanei, keynote speaker, futures strategist and bestselling author admits to not knowing what the future holds, but he has no doubts about the skills we need to live in it.


As part of the Lean Business programme, you will get access to all our 'recipes' consisting of over 3,000 learning videos ('bites') from conversations with South Africa's leading entrepreneurs! Take a look at the recipes on our learning platform. 

Terms & Conditions

Please note that successful applications to our programmes are under strict governance policies. 


We will need some inside info! Entrepreneurs applying must be willing to disclose information about their entity. All application info will be kept strictly confidential. 

Tell us the truth, yo! Any false information will automatically result in disqualification from the programme. 

Entrepreneurs must be willing to report on ongoing progress. This allows Heavy Chef to serve you better. 


Good vibes only. Entrepreneurs must adhere to a strict code of conduct. 

We believe in being compassionate and kind at all times. Any unkind, illegal or abusive behaviour during the programmes will be reviewed and may result in disqualification. 

If any negative behaviour is reported our team will respond quickly with an investigation. 

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