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Nalisha Pillay
E-Commerce Teams

The General Manager of KOODOO explains how her company is fulfilling a niche in the online gaming space and how they've gone about growing an engaged and passionate team.

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Nalisha Pillay is the GM for KOODOO since its launch as the consumer facing retail brand of Gamefinity. Prior to this, she was HR Executive at Sterkinekor Entertainment, before taking on the role of Chief of Human Capital for Sterkinekor Theatres and Sterkinekor Entertainment. When Primedia sold off their non-core media assets, becoming Gamefinity Pty Ltd, Nalisha took on a direct commercial role within the business and was handed the responsibility of launching and managing the e-commerce platform, KOODOO.


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About This Recipe


While setting up an online shop is a lot simpler than it has ever been, building the actual platform is not even close to half the job. There's still the matter of building a team of the right people to carry your e-commerce vision forward. So how do you ensure that your team has the shared purpose of creating an unforgettable user experience for your online customers? KOODOO General Manager Nalisha Pillay explains.

What You'll Learn


In this recipe, you will learn what it entails to set up ad manage an online shop for gamers. Nalisha shares the story of KOODOO, and how she and her team went about establishing the brand across various platforms. She reveals some insights on how KOODOO retains its customers and why purposeful customer service will win you fans for life. Nalisha also explains how you can go about building a service culture in your own organisation.


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