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About The Heavy Chef Project

About The Heavy Chef Project

The Heavy Chef Project is all about practical learning. We focus on taste-testing the ingredients of digital marketing, and then sharing the results with our community. The Heavy Chef started as a World Wide Creative side project, quickly evolving into a business in its own right, offering talks, information, opinion, resources, workshops and education.

The Heavy Chef Sessions

Every month, we invite experts within the various categories of digital marketing to talk at our monthly get-togethers, called The Heavy Chef Sessions. These sessions are held in London, Cape Town and Johannesburg, and are free to the first 50 people on a first-come, first-serve basis. To get on the invitation list, subscribe to our newsletter here.

What’s with the name?

The name came out of a consultation between the World Wide Creative digital marketing team and a client. The client suddenly asked: ‘How much of this stuff do you actually use in your own business?’ The question caught the marketing team off guard; at that stage World Wide Creative was not marketing its own services using these ‘new tools’ they were selling. The client then said sagely, ‘I never trust a skinny chef.’

And so, like a wounded animal, World Wide Creative set off to become ‘Heavy Chefs’.

What topics are we interested in?

The Heavy Chef blog is a forum for World Wide Creative’s digital marketing team (and guests) to sample the ingredients of the digital universe. We look at design, creativity, technology, programming, interactivity, social media and mobile communication.

We offer courses, resources and information. We also post the videos of the monthly Heavy Chef Sessions, covering useful topics within the field of marketing.