Connect your brand with the most digital-savvy wide-reaching audience in Africa.

We have one of the most influential communities of entrepreneurs on the African continent.
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Our monthly events and workshops have been running since 2007 and have featured business visionaries, entrepreneurs, leaders, creatives, technologists, disrupters, thought leaders, politicians, treeshakers, and eccentrics - frankly, most of whom were crazy mofos. The one thing they all have in common? They're all doers


Heavy Chef captures the crazy-wild narrative of entrepreneurship in our blog, video channel, TV show, podcast and newsletter. Our social channels feature write-ups of our events, videos of speakers and pics of attendees. Our partners share their experiences, and we tap into our network to glean the heart-wrenching, life-changing journeys of African entrepreneurs.



Inspired by a simple idea: Since 2005, Heavy Chef has been taking doers to our community. What if we take our community to the doers? Heavy Chef takes delegations of community members to the most important business hotspots, globally.
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The Numbers

Over 10 years. Over 100 speakers. Over 10,000 community members. Over 500k average Twitter impressions per event. Around 1000 glorious bottles of Backsberg wine consumed, and a whole lot of tasty beer sunk. Heavy Chef is the most intellectually stimulating, funnest and most influential digital entrepreneurial technical barnstormical event in town. 

Events: We get around 150 people per event in Johannesburg, and 260 people in Cape Town. 
Social reach: During event days, our impressions spike to around 500k (over 2m on some occasions) on Twitter and Facebook.
Audience: Our events are regularly attended by influencers, celebrities and business superstars. 

EVENTS: A tale of two cities

Average attendance of Heavy Chef events in two of South Africa's major cities. Event invitations are sent out to the community and events are regularly sold out within a day of announcement.

Heavy Chef Event Audience segmentation

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