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Heavy Chef has partnered with best-of-breed entrepreneur organisations that are committed to serving the entrepreneur sector. Check out what's currently on offer. 

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In order to take advantage of our incredible pantry of entrepreneurial goodies, you'll need to become an active member of Heavy Chef.

What does that mean? Well, for starters, you get to access 1000s of entrepreneur learning videos and transcripts.

Then, you'll get exclusive access to our entrepreneur community events, hosted monthly in collaboration with our partners PayFast, Workshop17 and Xero. You'll also be first to know about our entrepreneur research surveys, business data and guide books.

Finally, you get access to an ever-expanding list of partner resources such as discounts on software and coworking memberships, legal templates and special event invites. 

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What's In Store? 

  • The world's most beautiful accounting software.
  • The accounting software of choice for Heavy Chef members. 
  • Heavy Chef and Xero have co-created a series of best-selling entrepreneur guidebooks free for Heavy Chef members. 
  • Heavy Chef members get 50% off their first year of usage.
  • Use the promo code HEAVYXERO when registering with your email address.

Get started with Xero now.

  • Workshop17 has been named 'Best Coworking Space In The World' at the Global Startup Awards.
  • Workshop17 is offering individuals in the Heavy Chef community an exclusive startup package of 8 monthly credits.
  • 8 credits is the equivalent of 8 half-days, available exclusively to Heavy Chef members for only R600 pm in addition to your Heavy Chef membership fee. 

Get started with Workshop17 now. 

  • Payfast is an original African tech success story.
  • Payfast is easy, quick and accessible.
  • Payfast provides you with a safe mechanism to transact online.
  • Heavy Chef and Payfast have designed a series of 'how to get started with e-commerce' recipes exclusive to Heavy Chef members. 
  • Payfast and Heavy Chef curate monthly events exclusive to the South African entrepreneur sector. 

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Whaat? What the heck are you even doing here? For only R250 a month you get an 'All-You-Can-Eat' pass to the goodness, including the freshest entrepreneur recipes, events and best-of-breed partner benefits. Try it for free at no risk for 30 days and thereafter you can cancel anytime. Doooo it. 

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Entrepreneur Resources

  • xneelo is South Africa's largest website hosting provider. 
  • xneelo is a long-term champion of SA entrepreneurs. 
  • xneelo and Heavy Chef are co-creating a guidebook on how to build an e-commerce site. 
  • xneelo has a host (geddit?) of SME-friendly website options. 

Get started with xneelo now. 

  • Retail Capital is the leading provider of SME finance in South Africa. 
  • Retail Capital is the innovator behind the Merchant Cash Advance product. 
  • Retail Capital has been serving the entrepreneur sector for over a decade and is committed to making capital more accessible, more efficiently. 

Get started with Retail Capital now.


  • Whipping The Cat is a multi-winning legal firm based in South Africa. 
  • WTC has won awards for its innovative 'new law' approach to legal processes.
  • WTC has offered Heavy Chef members a unique set of legal guidelines for setting up and scaling their companies.  

Get started with Whipping The Cat now.

  • Digital Planet is the leading provider of technical equipment for corporate enterprises in South Africa. 
  • Digital Planet supports entrepreneurs via its We Grow South Africa initiative. 
  • Heavy Chef members are encouraged to join We Grow South Africa to engage in a world of educational benefits. 

Get started with We Grow SA now. 

  • Creed Living is one of the largest suppliers of quality collagen in South Africa.
  • Creed is the home of the internationally renowned Sally-ann Creed brand. 
  • Creed Living stocks a wide range of health products and pantry suppliers. 
  • Creed Living offers all Heavy Chef members 20% off its products using a unique promotional code.  

Get started with Creed Living now.

  • HP is one of the world's most lauded entrepreneurial success stories.
  • HP in South Africa supports the entrepreneur community. 
  • Thanks to HP and Digital Planet, Heavy Chef community members can take advantage of 10% off all their HP purchases through HP stores in South Africa.  

Get started with HP Store now.

Lifestyle Partners

  • Backsberg is one of the oldest wineries in South Africa, with 100 years of family heritage behind it. 
  • Backsberg has been providing South African entrepreneurs with world-class wines for over 4 years at Heavy Chef events. 
  • Heavy Chef and Backsberg are in the process of creating a range of entrepreneur-friendly wines. 

Learn more about Backsberg wine.

  • goodleaf is a startup based in South Africa, supplying health-conscious people with CBD products. 
  • goodleaf is one of the fastest-growing CBD brands in South Africa. 
  • goodleaf provides Heavy Chef events with a steady supply of tasty, healthy CBD beverages. 

Learn more about goodleaf products.

  • Sir Fruit is an old-school family-owned entrepreneur story. 
  • Sir Fruit has been passionate about providing healthy beverages to Heavy Chef's fast-growing community of entrepreneurs. 
  • Each event features a great range of Sir Fruit drinks for attendees. 

Learn more about Sir Fruit products. 


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