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Heavy Chef Event: Event Organising


  • Lesley Waterkeyn, Happy Friday
  • Dineshrie Pillay, Communication Coach
  • Zinhle Novazi, Director, Heavy Chef Foundation (MC).

This event was hosted on March 30. 6pm-7:30pm. Workshop17 Watershed, CPT. 

Watch the event video below:  

In an age of digital transmission, where each day we're subjected to billions of signals, your customers are crying out for real live interactions. There are few marketing activities more impactive than a well-organised event. The benefits of running live gatherings are profound. Getting people together in a real-world setting, or even a slick online session, can result in stronger loyalty, higher brand advocacy and increased awareness. In March 2023, Heavy Chef will be hosting two veterans of events and public speaking. Lesley Waterkeyn is the multi-award-winning founder of Happy Friday (formerly known as Colourworks), having created and run branded events for the likes of Sanlam and Old Mutual. Dineshrie Pillay is a well-renowned public speaker, speaking coach and Chartered Accountant. If you're an entrepreneur who wants to use events and public speaking to build your brand, this is a must-attend session. 

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