Heavy Chef Venue Partner:


Heavy Chef has partnered with the leading collaborative workspace providers in South Africa. Heavy Chef community members can access great deals through Workshop17 just by contacting us via the form below.


Membership discounts, woop!

Want to join the Heavy Chef team, working in the sexiest workspaces in town? The HC crew, alongside hundreds of other HC community members across South Africa, are all hanging together, doing work, drinking great coffee, showing off our hipster shoulder tattoos (girls), stroking our hipster beards (guys) and high-fiving each other daily.

Yes, you know you want to be part of this cool kids crew amiright?

So, check this out: Workshop17 offers the Heavy Chef community a discount of 50% on Workshop17’s Community Membership (you can read all about the associated benefits on the Workshop17’s website, here). This gives you:

  • Uncapped high speed internet at any of W17’s café's, operated daily from 7:30 to 18:00.

  • Four ‘Space Credits’ which can be used to book two days in any co-working space or a couple of hours in one of our many meeting rooms around the country.

  • A business address, should you need one.

  • Access to W17’s community through their online member portal my.W17 Platform, which has unique member events monthly, special offers from partners and a directory of the W17 community should you be looking to connect with like minded people.

  • 15% off any additional meeting room bookings and membership upgrade, should you wish to upgrade


Furthermore, Workshop17 offers Heavy Chef members a preferential rate on Workshop17’s membership with the associated benefits as per Workshop17’s website based on commitment period:

  • Month-to-Month: 10% Discount

  • 3 Month Commitment: 18% Discount

  • 6 Month Commitment: 22% Discount

  • 12 Month Commitment: 25% Discount

How cool?

Then also, Workshop17 offers Heavy Chef members a preferential rate on Workshop17’s dedicated office spaces, based on commitment period. So, in other words, if you want to get fancy and enjoy your own space, with a little sign on the door and have people come in with a duster every now and then. Nice, right? So, check it out - this is what you get if you join via Heavy Chef:

  • Month-to-Month: 5% Discount

  • 3 Month Commitment: 8% Discount

  • 6 Month Commitment: 12% Discount

  • 12 Month Commitment: 15% Discount

And have you checked out Workshop17’s meeting spaces on the W17 website? How awesome are they? Slick, shiny, professional - complete with large white spaces perfect for your mad scientist scribbles. So, get this: W17 offers the Heavy Chef community a discount of 20% towards all workshop17 meeting and eventing space, applied to the venue cost only.



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Above information correct as December 2018. Errors & Omissions Excluded.