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Heavy Chef has partnered with the world’s fastest growing Cloud-based accounting software. Heavy Chef community members can access great deals through Xero just by contacting us via the form below or click here.

Membership discounts, woop!

So here’s the thing. The Xero and Heavy Chef partnership goes waaay back to 2017 when we were just starting out as a fledgeling baby enterprise, trying to fly out the nest. We needed a software partner that could handle the finances like a mobility bomb - and Xero fit the bill straight out the coop. Agile, accessible and cost-effective - Xero kicks the competitors’ asses. Pretty soon after we signed up, Heavy Chef CEO Fred Roed contacted Xero in the UK and asked if they’d be interested in assisting Heavy Chef in educating our fast growing audience.

And guess what, they said yeeeup! Like that. Pretty much, after twenty minutes of chatting, Xero were on board as an official partner of Heavy Chef and ready to offer a host of rocking services to our members.

50% off first year of subs

Xero is not only very competitively priced, but it is also the best (in our opinion anyway). Why’s it so good? Well, it saves us time. The thing about Xero that you notice straight away is how everything looks. It’s so purrrrty. Xero has the best designed interface of all the accounting software packages out there. What that means is not only that it’s a more aesthetically-pleasing experience, but it’s also an easier experience. Xero is famous worldwide for its user-friendliness. Essentially, it saves you a few hours every month by not wasting your time with onerous extra steps.

Additionally, Xero is a platform, so there are ample plug-ins and compatible services, such as Receiptbank, that work seamlessly with Xero, saving you even more time.

Sweet, right?

Yup we know. So, here’s the peach. Xero is giving you, dear Heavy Chef subscriber, even more reason to be a happy entrepreneur. With Heavy Chef, you get 50% off your first year of subscription. All you have to do is use the promo code HEAVYXERO when you sign up.

“Whuuut?” we hear you say. “Can this be true?”

That’s right.

Say, whut!




Do it.

We’ve created a book together!

Seriously! How much more nerdy can a team of nerds like us actually get?

Heavy Chef and Xero came together in a monster brain-fest and created a book. Of course, it’s a book about starting a business.

Think about it: Heavy Chef is a platform for entrepreneurs. Xero is software that services entrepreneurs.

Together, we’re trying to make happy entrepreneur babies.

Check this out:

The Heavy Chef Guide To Starting A Business


The Heavy Chef Guide To Starting A Business In South Africa is the first guide printed in South Africa to provide a comprehensive, yet accessible recipe for startup success.

Whether you’re a dude in Khayelitsha distributing coffee blends, or a gal in Constantia giving online yoga classes, this is an authentic, easy-to-read, funny and practical template for business greatness.

Fred Roed has started and failed at business (spectacularly - read the book for the full, grim story), and started and succeeded at business (spectacularly - his digital agency was running accounts from Vodafone to Hyundai, across Africa and the world). The Heavy Chef Guide To Starting A Business In South Africa unpacks the ‘heavy chef philosophy’ and invites many of the Heavy Chefs that have spoken on the Heavy Chef event stage to provide insights and ingredients to winning at business.

Some of the most respected business leaders in South Africa have lauded the book, and testimonials from multiple, diverse spheres have praised The Heavy Chef Guide To Starting A Business In South Africa for it’s unbridled integrity and brutal honesty.

Anton Leal, founder of Xlink and one of the top consultants on teams and teamwork in Africa, has this to say: “This is one of the best business books which I have read in ages. Fun to read, with loads of great practical, easy to implement, start-up business advice. In my journey of helping start-up businesses, I have insisted that the entrepreneurs involved get a copy, it should be a compulsory read for all start- up businesses in SA!”

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Click below to order via our simple payment system. You will be redirected to a payment gateway, where you'll you be required to enter your payment details. Upon successful transaction, you'll be directed back to a page to submit your delivery address. R260 includes delivery anywhere in South Africa. NOTE: Should you require multiple copies, or if you reside in a region outside of South Africa, please email us at bookorder@heavychef.com to order your copies of Heavy Chef Guides. 

For visitors in South Africa, click the 'Pay Now' button to order your print copy: 


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