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Heavy Chef Event: The Futurists 2024 - Cape Town


  • Bronwyn Williams, Flux Trends.
  • Dion Chang, Flux Trends.
  • Tumelo Mojapelo, Flux Trends.
  • Zinhle Novazi (MC), Director, Heavy Chef Foundation.

Thursday. 6pm-7:30pm. Hasso Plattner d-school Afrika(UCT Middle Campus, Cape Town) Live On Stage.

It's time for our annual 'The Futurists' event - the most informed and exciting way to kick off the year for all entrepreneurs. This time around we're asking 'What does the Future look like for South Africa?' In the first quarter of 2024, an election year for our young democracy, entrepreneur community Heavy Chef and consultancy Flux Trends will cast a lens on what to expect. Futurist and Partner at Flux Trends, Bronwyn Williams will reveal the ideas for "hacking (what remains of) our democracy". The famously controversial Williams will unpack the pragmatically optimistic civic and entrepreneurial action detailed in her new book, Rescuing Our Republic. Our 2024 panel is joined by Flux Trend's Foresight Lead, Tumelo Mojapelo, to encourage us to claim and use our agency and imagination to work together to "world build" the South Africa we want to live and work in together. What if it all goes right? And what would it take to increase the odds of a positive turnaround? Finally, Dion Chang, Founder of Flux Trends presents the much anticipated 2024 edition of the Flux Trends annual flagship report: The State We’re In, designed to give you a diverse “tasting menu” of what the near and midterm future has in store for us all. 

Event Details:

  • Thursday, 8 February 2024, 6:00pm-7:30pm.
  • Start Time: 6:00pm South Africa Time / Central Africa Time.
  • Venue: The Hasso Plattner School of Design Thinking Afrika, UCT Middle Campus, Cape Town.


  • The Futurists events are brought to you by Flux Trends and Heavy Chef.
  • Heavy Chef events are brought to you by Xero, and Workshop17.
  • Venue kindly provided by Hasso Plattner d-school Afrika
  • Support is provided by Quicket, Workshop17, Sir Fruit, Happy Culture and Backsberg and Sally-Anne Creed.
  • Heavy Chef is proud partners with xneelo, Whipping the Cat and Global Citizen.

Booking Details:

  • In-Person Event. R250 per seat. Free for Heavy Chef members. Sign up here.
  • Heavy Chef members: please email us for assistance.